Daily Door of Doom

Behold The Daily Door of Doom...

I've made a huge and very unnecessary rod for my own back. We do this all the time as parents in an effort to prevent child melt downs. However mine has caused not only my own angst but the red faced frustration and extreme huffing of fellow harried parents.

I decided when my three year old was upset going in to nursery one morning to make it easy for him by bringing some magic to the everyday and letting him press the door buzzer, announce his own arrival and speak to the nursery team. I thought this will cheer him up no end as well as being super cute for everyone who over hears (isn't my little boy an absolute hoot etc!). Turns out this was incredibly misguided on all accounts.

So in order to make this magic happen I have to lift him up to the speaker and get him to press the right button whilst holding a squirming baby with my stickler for the rules and oft life over-commentator, five year old standing by. It takes balance, core strength, patience and an ability to ignore the sweat from excessive winter clothes.

The three year old, being a three year, old often presses the wrong buzzer (sometimes on purpose), won't announce his name or screams his name so loudly it must sound like an explosion to the poor nursery workers ears as they ask him to repeat it five times. If I try to intervene or try to do it myself he screams as if I've cancelled Christmas and all the kids end up in tears.

Yesterday we stood there for what felt like 10 minutes fumbling around, trying to get him to push the button and get access. All the while the baby is trying to leap from my arms as if he's auditioning for Die Hard and the five year old is letting me know very loudly that people are waiting. I turn to see 6 harassed parents in the queue that has now backed out on to the street. There is tutting and eye rolling.

The sweat increases with the screaming. When he eventually shouted his own name I turned round for some knowing nods of relief and solidarity from the parents to be met with faces like absolute thunder.

We now have to hide round the corner until the morning rush dies down for fear of becoming singled out as a parental pariah! 

What are the short cuts you've created that end up being the mother of all pains in the parenting bottom?

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