About Nod

Wrap Them in Colour and Stories!
I set up Nod when I was off on maternity leave. I was tired of either having to choose between pink and pastel shades or dressing my daughter in monochrome like a mini adult. Where was the fun and the colour? I wanted clothes that inspired my children's imagination by introducing them to bold and unexpected colours and interesting characters and stories. I worked in fiction publishing for a long time and so stories and adventure have always been in my blood.
So I dreamt up a land full of characters, the Land of Nod!  Each character has their own story and that's what comes through in our unique and playful designs. There's a reason why our hummingbirds wear handbags and our crabs juggle their liquorice!
Picture a world of outrageous fun, filled with whimsical characters, wrapped up in boundless colour and you’ve imagined your way to Nod. It’s a land brimming with the unexpected and a place where the word for ordinary doesn’t exist. 
Nod’s philosophy is one of endless and playful wonder. Our garments are crafted to last so that the fun can be handed down from generation to generation and shared between boys and girls.
So join us, as we take you on an adventure, to our land of nonsense - a make-believe world, where anything is possible.
Laura Mooney (Founder)